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What We Do

 9th Island Events is a live event production company specializing in small and mid-level concerts with festival ready talent. 


Our focus is on creating music festivals and entertainment venues in key target markets that become annual events with meaningful impact and maximum audience engagement to ensure we support the sustainable development of our host city, community partners, and sponsors. 


9th Island Event services include turnkey events, festivals and mixed-media entertainment productions that harmonize with sponsors to create maximum event marketing exposure and direct community impact. We bring the most state-of-the-art audio, visual, stage design, and theater quality switchable visual display screens, as well as next-generation lighting, and special effects, including 4k interactive screens, 3D holographic stage and sky effects, or even synchronized drone interaction with music and message. 


Our experienced team of professionals has a common mission to create a lasting relationship with the community and our strategic sponsors that share our mission to make a positive social, economic and environmental impact for every event we produce.


9th Island works with all major agency's, including WMA, CAA, UTA and many others. The bookings consist of national and international known acts of all different genres, from rock, reggae, rap, alternative to EDM. We have venue agreements in Nevada, Oregon, California and Hawaii, but with the ability and professional network that can deliver on creating the most memorable regional events and festivals. 


For our sponsors and community partners, our marketing/promotions team is skilled at developing brand placement and maximum impact/exposure and loyalty programs at all of our shows. We connect our audiences with not only our sponsorship partners but we our committed to creating purpose and a one-of-a-kind experience for all of our live events.


Collaboration and engagement with key non-profits and community 

partners will always be part of the fabric to all events, both big and small. 

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